While there are many different components that go into designing a website, a lot of emphases is put on the colours. There are tons of colours that can be used but deciding on them and getting the exact ones can come with a bit of a challenge.

Quite often when a client wants a website designed, they will give the designer examples of other sites to look at. They may really like a particular colour that is on the example site. This can be difficult for the designer to find or know what the exact same colour is. There are tools that can help with this.

One of the web design tools that can be used for this is called ColorFavs. All it takes is downloading the image or dropping it on the site. Once that is done then a pallet of colour can be created from the image. An added advantage is that the designer is also going to want to make the new web design unique. So this tool will help them choose colours that will work in harmony with the test colours.

Without a tool such as this, it would take a great deal of time for the designer to go through the colour pallets that come with the different design tools that are being used for the graphics editing.

Although, some of the web designer tools come as kits which means that there are a collection of tools having one that does a specific task that is more advanced can be a real time saver.

This particular tool could be used to create different collections or pallets that could be shown to the client to choose from. Having a collection shows the client how the colours will work with each other and they don’t have to try and visualise this either.