Images play an extremely important role in web designing. The images that a website possesses each tells a visitor that sees them something about the site they are being displayed on. Web designers are often judged on their calibre of work by the quality of images they are able to create a web design. In order to assist them with this task, they need to rely on the right tools and one of these are image editors.

When choosing this tool, the designer can either go with a desktop version or a browser-based image editor. Many are choosing the browser-based editor because they have more features and are constantly being updated. With the desktop version, it means having to re-install the updates if and when they become available. However, many of the desktop versions are very popular and powerful like the Adobe Workshop.

Another choice is whether to buy an image editor or use one of the several that are offered for free. Some of the free versions of image editors are:

  • Pixlr
  • Splashup
  • Phoenix
  • FotoFlexer

Sometimes, image editors like these come onto the web as being free and then after a short period of time, a price tag is added to them. Or you get to use them for free but in limited versions. If you want to use what is free, you may be limited to only having access to some of its features. If you want to use the full version then you would need to buy it.

Web designers have to take care when they are choosing an image editor tool for the first time that is going to allow them to do the type of image editing they need to sell their services. Each tool comes with its own learning curve. So, which is your favorite tool?