Any web designer will tell you that one of their top priorities is to be able to design a website with speed. This is partly because they need to grow their business, but mostly because the type of clients they serve are very anxious to get their websites live.

One of the first tasks that come with web design is the layout. Having a tool that can help expedite this quickly and allow for continuous changes is important. One such tool for this is Fireworks.

This is a raster and vector graphics editor that can be used with either a mac or a windows operating system, which allows designers some flexibility with which system they prefer to work with. This is classed as a professional tool. Photoshop works along the same lines but it can be used by the novice.

One of the biggest advantages of using Fireworks is that the designer can create mockups which are great for the clients as it relies on auto-generated source codes for this, so it can be done quickly. It can be compiled into a PDF which makes it easy for viewing. Not only that it also helps to control the size of the graphics which can be one of the concerns when it comes to web designing.

It is not uncommon for a client to want many changes made as the site goes through its different stages of design. Having a tool like Fireworks allows the designer to make the changes quickly without having to start over from scratch. In the end, it allows for the completion of the project much quicker. Plus, the client is more familiar with what the end project is going to look like.

Many individuals attempt to do their own web design and if they have plenty of time and are willing to go through the learning curves that come with it then it is okay. Most, however, want their site designed quickly and rely on the pros to do this for them.