It is not uncommon for web designers to specialise in a different aspect of the task that must be carried out to complete a web design project. Using a tool that allows several people to work on one design easily is a big value. Coders and designers need to work in harmony with each other.

One tool that may allow them to do this is Anijs. It comes with a full library that the designer can use, and it is easy to access using any of the commonly used devices such as iPad or iPhone and through the most common browsers.

Designers can choose different types of layouts from the library without having to go to the coder each and every time they want to try something. The coder can rely on this to show mockups or samples to the designer without having to write lengthy codes. It allows either the coder or the designer to work alone or work in conjunction with each other.

This particular tool will allow for the quick integration of UI Components like tab bra, accordion, modal or menu just to name a few. It can easily handle CSS3 animations. It is a tool that is easy to learn and use for both the parties, and it allows the designer to quickly show clients different options without wasting time.

Quality of the design is critically important to the success of the designer, but as said many times before, these professionals are always under pressure of having to design their projects quickly.

There are other professionals that may be needed to work on the same project as well, and the workflow must take place seamlessly. What the designer decides to do is going to have a direct impact upon the coders’ or developers’ workload, and then there are the content providers who need to work with what the designer develops.